Which side will you choose DC or Marvel, Hero or Villain?! This year is jam packed with fun things to do including six state events and plenty of battles between DC and Marvel! If you have ever wanted to be a hero now is your time! In DeMolay everybody is a hero, let us prove to the world what DeMolays can do. Go out and do a civic service project, clean up a park, make a crazy video, hold a fundraiser, or simply just go paintballing!!! This year is about you and what you can do for yourself, your brothers, and the world.

Not only will we be focusing on awesome prizes, getting members in, and having fun. We will be focusing on our charity, which this year I have chosen to fight bullying. “Be your own hero, by being someone else’s.” As DeMolays we have a responsibility to our fellow youth, to stand up for them, to protect them, to fight for their right to fit in. Picking your super being this year is more than just something fun to do. It’s about doing all you can do for others, and being the best DeMolay you can be.

Welcome to Illinois DeMolay!


Membership Goal!

83 / 110

Illinois DeMolay State Charity

By partnering with Community Matters…

Illinois DeMolay can all be heroes by being someone else’s!


Community Matters is recognized as an innovative and thought-leading organization committed to improving the social-emotional climate of our nation?s schools and communities. Founded in 1996, Community Matters (CM) has evolved from its earliest focus on youth development and bullying prevention to become a widely respected consulting, training and presenting organization. CM provides programs and services for educational, youth-serving and governmental entities.

Their work has been featured in numerous media outlets, and we have presented to audiences at the local, state, regional, and national levels. The nation’s most effective bystander education program harnesses the power of students to prevent and stop bullying and violence. Since 2000, this field-tested evidence-based model has equipped nearly 60,000 4-12th grade students in over 1,200 schools in 32 states and 2 Canadian provinces with the communication and intervention skills to prevent and stop emotional and physical bullying and improve school climate.At its core, the Safe School Ambassadors program is an “inside-out” approach to improving school climate, one that relies on social norms change and the power of students to help stop bullying and violence. Student bystanders see, hear, and know things adults don’t, can intervene in ways adults can’t and are often on the scene of an incident before an adult. They are a critical and under-utilized resource for positively impacting the crisis of bullying in our schools.

The Safe School Ambassadors program engages and mobilizes these bystanders, but not just any bystanders. The program harnesses the power of the socially-influential leaders of a school’s diverse cliques, the ones who shape the social norms that govern other students’ behavior. These “alpha” leaders are carefully identified through student and staff surveys. They are selected based upon specific criteria, such as: strong position and influence in their peer group, good communication skills, and a history of standing up for friends.

The recruited students participate in a two-day interactive training along with several adults who serve as program mentors. The training gives student Ambassadors the motivation and skills to resolve conflicts, defuse incidents, and support isolated and excluded students. After the training, small group meetings of Ambassadors are held every few weeks. These meetings, led by the adult mentors, provide time for strengthening skills, support data collection and analysis of Ambassador interventions, and help sustain student and adult commitment to the program.

Why become a DeMolay?


By joining a worldwide brotherhood of friendship and fellowship you WILL take your leadership skills to the next level.  DeMolay offers you:

  • friendships from all around Illinois, the US, and the world.
  • the opportunity to try new experiences.
  • a chance to challenge yourself as a leader.
  • the ability to boost your self confidence.
  • have a TON OF FUN!



What does Barney Rubble and Bugs Bunny have in common?  Senior DeMolay Mel Blanc, that’s what.  Brother Blanc who was initiated into Sunnyside Chapter, Portland, Oregon in 1925 was known as the man with 1000 voices lending his talents to many of the cartoon characters that are still around today.

“I have been a member of DeMolay for sixty-three years. I thank God and DeMolay for helping me become kind and thoughtful to my parents and all my friends. I had many opportunities to do the wrong things, and I might have done them, if it were not for DeMolay. God bless them.” – Mel Blanc.

Sadly, Brother Blanc passed away in 1989 and although his voice his quiet, the characters he created will last forever.

Illinois DeMolay enforces a ZERO TOLERANCE POLICY with regard to the use of alcohol, illegal drugs, weapons, or hazing of any kind at any DeMolay function. This policy applies to both active DeMolays and adult volunteers. Violations of risk management, youth protection, or prohibited substance policies will result in suspension or expulsion from DeMolay.

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Membership Requirements

Be a young man between 12 and 21

Believe in the Supreme Being of your faith

Strive to be a good person

Steps to Join

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Step 2: Complete the Application

Step 3: Start having FUN!!

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