Masons & DeMolay

Freemasons Role in DeMolay

The Order of DeMolay was founded by Frank S. Land, a member of the Scottish Rite of Freemasonry.  Since it’s founding, several Masonic traditions have been adopted for use in DeMolay.  For example, the officers of a Chapter sit in the same positions in the Chapter Room as all other Masonic organizations.  The use of gavel raps to call attendees to attention or to seat the lodge is also adopted from the Freemasons.  The Ritual (or book of ceremonies) was written by a Master Mason and several traditions were adopted in the joining ceremonies.

There is much mystery and questions about Masons as Freemasonry has been referred to many times as a secret society.  The truth about Masons is that they are one of the largest private philanthropic organizations in the world donating more than $2,000,000 per day to various charities.

Many people are familiar with the Shriners Hospitals for Children taking care of burns, spinal cord injuries and other critical conditions all at no cost to patients and their families.  The Shrine is a member of the Masonic Family.

In Illinois, the Freemasons operate and fund two Masonic Children Homes providing care for young people who are unable to be fully cared for by their families.  The Scottish Rite of Freemasonry offers free help for children who struggle with dyslexia through the 32 degree Masonic Learning Centers.  There are dozens of other charities serviced by the Masonic organizations most of which directly benefit youth.

DeMolay is sometimes referred to as a “Masonic Youth Program”.  DeMolay International is not directly affiliated with Freemasonry however the program is offered to local Masonic Lodges to offer this youth program to the community.

In show of support for our sponsoring bodies, local Chapters do various Masonic Service Projects.  These could be a Lodge clean-up night, helping serve at a Lodge dinner or perhaps assist in an Illinois Child Identification program.

Illinois DeMolay is proud of the support we receive from the Grand Lodge of Illinois and all the Masonic organizations in providing this valuable program to the youth of our community.

For more information about Masonry, visit the GRAND LODGE OF ILLINOIS WEBSITE.

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